Our Services

1. Infrastructure or Civil works

– Crane Installation
– Factory or Warehouse Building with including Automation Rack system
–  Lightning Rod Installation

2. Automation System : We provided Consultant engineer team for design and plan automation system that suitable for your business to reduce work process and easier work.

– Design Automation system for Conveyor Belt (Ex. Correct product automatic check while Convey on Conveyor Belt)
– Weight Products Automatic Check on Conveyor Belt
– Design & Installation Packing system

3. Electric ,Plumbing and Air flow in Factory: We provided check & test Electric Wire , PM Transformer and MBD with Certificate Approve by us.

– Check & Test Electric wire quality and Electric system , Present by Report
– Check & Test Compressed Air Receiver Tank , Present by Report
– Design & Installation Factory waste water system

4. Air Condition System : We provided Consultant engineer team for design and plan standard for suitable size Chiller, Service maintenance for Cooling system.

– Installation Chiller or Air Condition System
– Maintenance Cooling system

Our Products



Parameter Measurement tools

Environment Measurement tool

( Sound measurement tool, Light measurement tool, Wind Speed measurement tool, Gas measurement tool-Co2, o2,Co, Thermometer measurement)

Water Quality Meter

(Water Hardness Meter, TDS , DO, EC Meter)

Gas Detector

Oil Quality Detector


Heater Equipment

Ready Made Heater or Tailor Made by Drawing

Transmitter for Temperature or Pressure gauge, Level Gauge and Area Flow Meter

Equipment & Accessories for Control Cabinet

Equipment & Accessories for Pneumatic and hydraulic